Naomi & Ginger

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Dear Ginger,

It’s been over 4 months since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and I still have not been able to get over losing my sweet baby girl. How is it that such a small 10 lb. MinPin can have such a huge impact on my heart? But you did!! So big!!! I love you so, so much – I don’t have enough words to describe my love for you, but I know that you knew how much I loved you, and I know that you loved your Mommy. We were a great team!!! I loved our hikes together. You tolerated walking around the neighborhood, but when we were on a hiking trail, you just lit up and loved exploring (just like your mommy!). I loved how you would wait for me at the corner of the living room rug, and when I walked in the door, you would stay right there, and your whole body would shake waiting for me to pick you up and snuggle with you! I miss your sweet kisses. You were so precious, good and obedient. Remember when we brought your dog-cousin, Susie, to see her grandparents camping? Susie cried the whole way there (3 long hours!!!), and I would turn around and look at you to see how you were holding up, and you were just sitting there, looking at her with concerned eyes, but so calm and quiet. You were the best dog ever!!  You were always shy with strangers at first, but always warmed up to them.  Everyone that met you fell in love with you. When you got sick and I brought you to the vet on Christmas Eve, it never occurred to me that you would be gone 3 short months later. I tried everything to help you, but heaven needed another angel. I miss you terribly, every single day, Ginger. Every single day. Until we meet again, you will always have an impact on my life, my heart and soul – forever! I love you, baby girl! 



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