CJ and Miro write to Bundle of Joy

CJ and Miro A Letter To My Dog.png

Dear Joy,

You are my sunshine not just on rainy days but every day. You are the greatest gift I ever gave my husband. To see how much Joy you bring to him fills my heart with so much gratitude. He gave the greatest and truest name to you, Bundle of Joy. 

Bundle of Joy you have brought me so much. Joy in some of the hardest and most discouraging times for me, you were right there comforting me. You remind me to stop and breathe in the fresh air, you remind me to slow down and enjoy life and everything that is around me. You ground me. You have made me realize there is so much more to life than all the accolades I chase. You are my best friend, you are always protecting means guarding me. I could be gone the entire day or just 5 mins and you are always excited to see me and it makes me feel so special and valued. In this world where conditional love is everywhere you, Joy love me unconditionally and I am so beyond thankful for my little Bundle of Joy. 

I love you my little partner in crime. 


Dear Joy,

It’s very hard for me to write this letter just because I know how difficult it will be for me to read my ugly hand writing afterwards.

Being on the road 300 days a year I didn’t want a dog because I didn’t want for you to suffer, but again God has blessed me with a perfect traveling companion. Seems like you love traveling more then me and you are always so calm everywhere we travel. CJ gave me you as a gift for my birthday and as soon as I held you I was in love. You brought the biggest smile on my face. I didn’t have to think about your name at all. Bundle of Joy. You bring so much happiness not just to me but to anybody that sees you, you always make everybody feel special and give them attention and many kisses. I love the way you wake me up every morning so we can go out in the yard to play swim in the pool or just for a long scratchy sesh.

If you were a human I’m sure you would have been a chef when you grew up because you love the kitchen and to watch me cook and of course daddy will always slide you something under the table whether you give me the puppy eyes or not.

What I’m trying to say is I LOVE YOU. Thank you for coming into my life.



I know the spot in the house that you secretly pee pee every now and again. It’s ok I will never tell your mom. 

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