Cassadee Pope & Cuppy

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Dear Cuppy,

Ever since you drooled all over my parka in the parking lot in Knoxville in December of 2016, I knew I was meant to be your mom. Since the day I brought you home, my life has never been the same. I wouldn’t trade your toots, burps, or never ending appetite for anything in the world. Even though you had a brief moment in time where you would poop in the house to spite me not giving you enough attention, I never stopped being obsessed with you and your smushy face. I love that I can still be surprised by the noises that come out of your mouth. Whether it’s whines of frustration when I won’t give you my food, or crying because you want me to sit on the couch with you for a cuddle... all the varieties of noises bring me so much joy. I can’t wait to bring you to more cities on tour because you are the best tour pup in all the land. Here’s to creating more memories, sharing more kisses, and taking countless long walks together. I love you so much! 

- your mama

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