Julie & Zero

A Letter To My Dog Fan Submission Julie and Zero.jpeg

Dear Zero,

Sit. We need to talk. I’m done. It’s not you, it’s me. I spent 25 years with fabulous freedom. No kids, no pets, no live plants. You manipulated me with your online pics. So cute. Promising me unconditional love and happiness. I was scared. Skeptical. But I fell for you. Let you move in with me. My friends and family were excited for me, for us. But, you quickly took over. My thoughts. My schedule. It was all about you. Your toys litter the floor in our home. I accepted it. You. Us. But you continued to take advantage. You bark, I jump. You expect me to share everything. You flirt with my friends and strangers right in front of me. I tell myself that’s just who you are. I realize I’ve allowed you to control my life. And I realize I’m done. 

Done with my freedom. Done having a clean car. Done sleeping in. Done having a life without a dog. 

No, sit. I know you’re tilting your head and reaching out your paw. Stop. Just stop. You got me. I’m yours. And my life is all the better for it. 

Yes, I’ll get you a treat and we can go for a ride. 

Love you!

fanHappy Street