Michael Strahan & Enzo

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Dear Enzo, 

I always thought I shouldn’t get a dog because I didn’t have enough time to take care of one. No time for walks and too many other distractions in life to make sure that a dog was cared for properly. When we got you the entire meaning of time changed. I love my time walking, playing and traveling with you. Opening the door to walk into the house fills my heart with joy. You have made time slow down, distractions go away and love fill my heart!

Love, Michael

Beyond cohosting Good Morning Americaand Strahan and Sara, Michael Strahan is a Pro Football Hall of Famer. His 15-year career included a 2008 Super Bowl victory, and he was named the NFL’s 2001 Player of the Year by Sports Illustrated. Michael also hosts The $100,000 Pyramidgame show on ABC and has his own suit line called Collection.

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