Hilary Duff & DuBois


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If only I could speak “dog” for a day, there would be so much to bark about! 

I would share how much I needed you when you came into my life, although it may have seemed you needed me. 

I’d tell you how much I love your big brown eyes and let you know what a stud muffin everyone thinks you are! 

I would thank you for being so gentle with the other little pups. 

I’d tell you how much happiness and laughter you have brought to me with all your silly quirks, and describe the comfort I feel when walking into my house knowing you are there to greet me with your happy tail! 

I am blessed to have such a special “du-man” (half dog, half human) in my life and couldn’t dream up a better dog! 

I love you forever! 

Hilary Duff, a singer, actress and entrepreneur, now has two dogs, and she wrote this tribute to DuBois before he passed in 2018. DuBois was adopted from his foster parents, who had found him living under a bush, malnourished and neglected. Love and care turned his life around. 

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