Kristen Bell & Lola

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To my best love/the matriarch of our family/my queen--

10 things you taught me:

1. When we’re among other dogs and you see a big dog antagonizing a little dog, you always jump in to defend, which is a great lesson that we must always take care of the vulnerable.

2. When I observe the patient way you react to the tornado of chaos that is our children, I am able to understand tolerance is the most admirable quality.

3. When I first got you, the man working at the shelter said, “Careful with that one. She’s an escape artist.” Yet, you have never left our property even when we leave the gates wide open reminding me we are all capable of change.

4. When I shave your hair in a way that makes you look like a lion for my own amusement and you happily let me do it, you are teaching me that some battles just aren’t worth fighting.

5. When your tiny frame takes down a massive coyote in the yard, I see that size has nothing todo with strength.

6. When I’m in a low moment and you instinctively appear, it shows me a mother’s love is unlike any other.

7. When we are around other dogs who are barking and yapping, you remain calm and stoic, which is a lesson that silence can be more powerful than noise.

8. When I seethe way your face lights up when we call dinner, I am reminded that food is something to get excited about!

9. When people ask what breed you are and I don’t have a100% definitive answer, it makes me realize labels aren’t important.

10. And, finally, you’ve taught me a very important lesson-no matter matter what Ido... I will never be able to get your hair off the furniture. There are just somethings we can’t control.

I love you,

Your mom/your child/your best friend

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