Tony Bennet & Happy

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Dear Happy, 

Before I met you, I always thought that happiness was just an emotion—intangible, not something you could feel or touch. From the rst moment I saw you, I knew that we would call you Happy, and now I know that happiness is also something that can lick your face, jump up onto your lap, run around in excited circles when I come home and make me laugh out loud. 

I am sorry that there are many times, because of my schedule and having to travel on the road, that I do not get to see you for a few days. But I know that the greeting you will give me when I return home will be the size of a tidal wave, which is so unbelievable be- cause you only weigh seven pounds! 

I guess I know now that happiness is a thing called Happy! And that is what you have made me... 

With love, Tony 

Happy is as happy as a clam being the beloved pooch of music legend Tony Bennett and his wife, Susan Benedetto. Tony has won 19 Grammy Awards. Susan has been a teacher and administrator in art high schools. Together they founded Exploring the Arts, a non- profit organization that supports arts education in public high schools. 

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