Dear Zoe,


From the first day I saw you and held you, I was crazy about you. The day I brought you home, I instantly loved you–and as the weeks and months went by, I fell more in love with you.

I fell in love with that beautiful face, that spunky character that fears nothing. Nothing melts my heart more than seeing those sweet beautiful black eyes looking up at me as if to ask ‘are you ok? Will you take me with you? What are you eating? Give me some!’ Nothing makes me happier than to hold you in my lap and just pet, caress, and scratch your ears–something you happily let me do for hours. You are not my best friend, you are not my baby…you are a part of me. For almost 3 years you have never left my side, even trying to protect me from dogs 4 times your size.
My promise to you is that you will be with me for the rest of your life, and I will protect you from pain, from fear, from hunger and thirst–from loneliness and unhappiness. Forever.

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Dear Vegas,


You left us so early. I miss you more everyday–you were my best friend and my companion. Since you’ve been gone, I’ve realized how much good you did to me just by sitting next to me. You helped me forget all of my problems and cheered me up, in a way people cannot even understand. You will never be forgotten and I will always love you.

Your mother, Marietta

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Dear Fievel,


I almost lost you a few days ago because one of your cousin dogs that we were dog-sitting dug out of our backyard and I came home to find you were missing. I can never quite explain the hysteria that I felt knowing that you were out there in the world on your own, my tiny little baby. I am so grateful and will not take for granted that I will continue to have you in my life.

Your curiosity and love for life is astounding and never can anything get you down; you always bounce right back, no matter the obstacle. You have always cheered my heart in the darkest of times, and I can’t possibly see how the world could have gone on without you. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you in my life– not only once, but now a second time. I will hold you a little closer now and take each moment for everything that it is worth. You couldn’t possibly know how much your little spirit means to me and your Papa and your little girlfriend, Ellie (also a little Yorkie).

So please Fievel, try not to get too curious and wander off, you’re still needed around here.

Love your Mama and Papa (and little Ellie too!)

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier