Dear Lily,


Not enough time has passed to make the sadness go away. God graced you into my life for a short five years. I miss you so very much and I think of you every day and night. I wonder if you are ok and if you miss me too.

I wish you could come back to me, but until then, please hear my thoughts and prayers. I love you, Lily Bear.

Breed: Yorkie

Dear Chewie,

I love the way you are good with children. I like that you love snuggles and kisses. You love playing with the kids and even daddy–and you like to snuggle with mommy. I know deep inside that you love us. We rescued you in August at Petco. When I first held you, I knew that you where the one. Then we carried you all around the store and bought you all the stuff you would need. But when we found out that you had worms, we wanted to help you. We got you to a doctor and by the next week, you where a normal dog. They said that you where a Maltese and Yorkie mix but you were not–we found out that you are Yorkie and something else. We are sill trying to find the other half.

I love you Chewie

Breed: Yorkie

Dear Chloe,


You made my life complete when you made my mother’s life complete. I was afraid when I went back to work that my retired mother would become reclusive, isolated and lonely. She was so used to being around people, first with her husband, then with her children, then with work. She never prepared herself for being alone. I desperately tried to find her a companion to keep her sprit alive because I knew hour after hour, day after day, being alone would wear her down and make her less than whole.

Then you came along, and with your itty bitty little whimper, you made her feel needed. You gave her purpose. She struggles with pain in her joints, but you make her forget her aches. Her doctor recommended she kept moving to keep her joints limber and boy do you help her with that! I walk in the door and I hear her chatting away, talking about making dinner, chatting about doing the dishes… and I realize it’s you she’s talking to. You are the one who keeps her vital. You keep her moving. You keep her happy and satisfied.

I love you, Chloe, because you’ve allowed me to keep my mother’s spirit alive. Because you bring unconditional love to my mother, I love you that much more. Thank you for being the key that fits into the lock that helps makes our house a happy, healthy, loving home.

Breed: Yorkie