‘Thrift Shop’ Parody With Dogs Is ‘Ruffing Awesome’

An adoring dog named Barklemore just got adopted into a new home! Our friends at The Pet Collective were so excited about it they filmed a parody to the tune of hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ hit-single “Thrift Shop”! You can’t go wrong with an altered-lyric like this one: “I, I, I’m sniffin’, all around my new home. This is ruffing awesome.”

Our friends at Mashable called this pet parody ‘ruffing awesome’ and well, we’d have to agree!


The Smartest Dog Ever!


Ok, I know what you are thinking from the picture… A pug…the smartest dog ever!?  It’s a bold statement but this pug is amazing!  Just when you think he has pulled out all the stops, he’ll whip out something amazing, like playing the keyboard as you can see.  This makes my pugs only trick of “take a nap” seem not so special :)

Dogs Decoded: Watch Now!!


The unbreakable bond between dogs and humans is well known, but what is the science behind these strong and unique relationships?  The PBS documentary, Dogs Decoded, explores why dogs have an uncanny ability to read and respond to human emotions.  If you plan on handing out Halloween candy tonight, Dogs Decoded is the perfect fit to pass the time in between trick-or-treaters!  Watch the whole documentary HERE.