Cats Need Letters Too!


Do you love your cat? Tell us why!

We are looking for people who adore their cats and want to celebrate them with a love letter.

The search is on for amazing cats to include in the new book, A Letter To My Cat. This heartfelt book celebrates one-of-a-kind cats and their dedicated owners. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Best Friends Animal Society. Check out our first hit book at

Don’t spare any details! Did your cat save you or a loved one’s life? Do you have a wonder cat? Is your cat talented with a special gift? We want to hear all these incredible stories in your letters.

Know a cat lover? Share the love with this PURfect info-sheet!

Submission Instructions

To be considered, please email a letter to your cat, along with a few great photos of you and your cat to the following email address:

Some helpful tips!

  • Your Letter: Please begin by saying, “Dear xxxx” and remember to sign it (Love, Mom or Dad, etc.)
  • Length: under 500 words
  • Photos: submit a few photos of your cat alone without any humans in the photos plus at least one photo of you and your cat
  • Contact Info: Don’t forget to include your full name, phone number, mailing address, email address and website information if you have it