Protecting the Food Our Pets Eat

Recent recalls in various pet products have pet owners everywhere concerned for their animals.

The Food and Drug Administration is now extending its preventative measures to protect our furry friends! This ranges all the way from the food we feed our dogs to the food that farmers feed their cattle. Not only will our pets be healthier but the meat we consume will be healthier up until the point of processing.

With foodborne illnesses causing pet illness and death, these preventative measures are long overdue. There were previously no preventative measures put in place for animals. While there have always been strict guidelines for the food humans consume, we’ve left animal food up to chance. This new plan will address the issues at every step of processing, from the packaging to the personnel making the food. These rules will also be tailored to specific animal needs and allergens that are not faced by humans.

These recent amendments serve to address the issues related to imported foods with unknown ingredients. The FDA is finally responding to the nearly 18,000 calls they received from concerned pet owners in 2007 related to a dangerous chemical used in pet food. With higher standards placed on food for animals, we can rest assured that our pets are receiving the safest and most nutritious products possible.