Why does my dog whine? Is he unhappy?

Dear Sonya and Louis,

Meet Cooks & Cairo my 2 Shelties. I love them both so much. Why does Cairo whine sometimes…..is he unhappy? Does he need something? Is Cooks happy? What does he feel about baby Cairo? It is Cooks I wonder most about…he is 8 years old now :)



cooks cairo

Dear Ayesha,

Please don’t worry about Cairo whining because it is part of his sweet personality. He wants you to know that he is not unhappy. In fact, I know he is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. He does tell me that he would like more treats to eat. Both of your beautiful dogs say they are all a very happy family.

Hope this makes you feel better.

Lots of Love,

Louis (Read Through Sonya)

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