Dear Pepsi,

A Letter to My Dog

You were brought into our lives over six years ago.  Many would say that we rescued you on March 28, 2008.  To be honest, you rescued us the moment you ran into our lives.  You filled a void that we had when we welcomed you into our lives.  I loved the way you would always ran to the door to greet us whenever we returned from work.  The way you just plopped your lil self next to our feet while we were sitting in the living room watching TV or  doing homework.  You will always be my “little Man,”  Pepsi.

Sadly your journey with us ended too soon on July 2, 2014. We never really knew your actual age.  When you came to our lives, the vet guessed that you were only about 4-5 years.  You left too soon at the age of approximately 11 years.   It’s taken me this long to write you this letter because I’m still not ready to say “Goodbye to my lil man”  Your presence is sadly missed.  You were our little side kick.  It’s not the same now that you are no longer here.  My heart still aches and feels empty now that you are gone. Our home feels incomplete with out your loving presence.   Both Alex and I deeply miss you.  Who would of known such a little package had such a huge impact on our lives. I miss hearing your ti-pity tapping from one room to another.  I miss having our little walks, seeing your big brown eyes peeking over the edge of your bed, the moments you stretched when we brushed you fur.  You would always look over your shoulder as if you were letting us know we missed a spot.  I miss you, lil guy!!  I don’t want you to worry about us, and we’d love for you to rest in paradise lil man.  You deserve to be well and you’ll forever have a place in our hearts.

I hope that you found your loved ones up in paradise.   I’m sure you are all having a great time keeping each other company.  I guess I can’t be selfish and just wish I had a little more time with you.  Thank you for blessing us with your love and big heart.  Until we meet again.  Always remember that Alex and Cindy will always love you, Pepsi!!

Rest in Peace, my little man.  You’re still my good boy and I’ll always remember your spirit and the way you lean on our legs for the random comfy snuggle.

The only thing that helps us cope is knowing that you’re somewhere watching over us.  Thanks little dude, you are the BEST!!


Love Always,
<3<3 Cindy & Alex <3 <3


Breed: Silky Terrier

Dear Riley,


Goo! I love youuu! (Said in the “Riley” voice I use)

But really, I do. I woke up this lovely morning after sleeping in and you were next to me, glad to see I was awake. Somehow you know when I wake up even before I do! You are always there for me, and more importantly, you WANT to be. You want to be with me every hour of every day. Sometimes that’s annoying but mostly it’s awesome–because, guess what?! I feel the same way!

You have seen me at my best and seen me at my very worse. No one else has seen me the way you have, except maybe my mom when I was a hapless baby. You were there during one of the saddest times of my life, and although you aren’t a dog that knows when I’m sad and tries to cheer me up (that’s okay, really!) you are a dog that is helping me feel better in my soul AND my body. You know what I mean…running, hiking, going to the dog beach, walking with your buddy Oscar–a buddy for all times!

But although I love that you are active and happy to do these things with me, you know (because I’ve told you) that nothing compares to snuggling up with you, Adam and the cat (maybe) and having a lovely afternoon “snoozles.”

When I wanted to get a dog (after the dream for a black lab ended–maybe some day), I wanted a tiny Yorkie. Yorkie changed to Silky (Yorkies were too “mainstream”) and I still wanted you to be tiny, semi-complacent and have dark fur. You were larger, more silver than black and feisty to boot!

You were nothing like what I wanted…but you were exactly what I needed. I believe God chose you special for me. I know I didn’t select you, I just left it up to odds to take whatever Silky I was given–and God gave me you.

And I really, really do love you.

Your Momma

Breed: Silky Terrier

Dear Kobe,


As I write you this letter, I can’t help but to have tears in my eyes. I know you won’t ever understand theses words, but I hope that others can understand the love we have for you. Five months ago God blessed your daddy and I with you and we thank him every day. You were found on a cold Saturday night and it was then you became ours. We didn’t know anything from your past but knew you were our future. You weren’t the best puppy when we rescued you but it’s okay–we forgive you. We knew you were scared and to be honest, we were too. After rescuing you, we took a plead to provide the best for you and give you so much love. I hope we are doing a good job. No one can understand the love and protection you give us. We gained a best friend that loves to give us licks, barks and waits for us to get home. We couldn’t have asked for anything else! These last few months have been difficult, too. Your knee surgery was not only painful for you but stressful for us. I used to cry because I knew you were in a lot of pain and I couldn’t take it away. I’m glad we were able to get past that and now you can’t wait to run again. Just promise to be careful Kobe, mommy can’t afford any other surgery. We love you and promise to always take care of you and provide you with lots of love. Thank you for being our best friend!


Mommy and Daddy

Breed: Silky Terrier