Dear Finnley… My Rescue(r)

Dear Finnley,

I remember that first night we found you. You looked so scared in your photos online. I knew that I was meant to be your person. I was preparing to come to terms with my aging family pet, Shelby and I began looking…for you. We knew we had two criteria. 1) You had to have some Australian Shepherd in you. Shelby was an Aussie, and to me she was perfect. I wanted our future dog to embody her warmth, love and spirit. 2.) You had to be a rescue. I never really thought twice about it. Shelby was not a rescue but you, YOU had to be.

We placed the call to adopt you. We were informed that someone was already coming for “Teddy B” and was most likely to adopt you. I was crushed. I could not go online to look for another dog, because you were my dog.

On April 1st, David called me and told me the shelter called and wanted to know if we were still interested. I told him that I am not into April Fool’s jokes. It wasn’t a joke. The other family had passed on you because you were part Chow Chow. They were worried about your hair shedding, that you may be aggressive.

I drove one hour to pick you up the next day. We were in a bad part of town. I waited in front of the shelter early for you. I wanted to save you from there as quickly as possible. I walked up to your gate and you walked over so calmly. I didn’t even have you come outside of the “holding cell”. “I want him”.

You were meant to be ours. We renamed you Finnley, because it meant light haired, courageous one. You are a brave little dog who’s cards were stacked against him, until we found one another. You are the perfect mixture of an Australian Shepherd and Chow Chow. Playful, smart and totally loyal. And yes you shed like crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dear My Inquisitive, Ebullient Angel, Phoebe,

Dear Nike – My True Goddess of Victory,