Dear Teeghan,

A Letter to My Dog

I know you are in your golden years and don’t totally get why we share our home with foster dogs. You’ve never known neglect in your life and I could never imagine anyone ever treating you badly. But there are dogs just like you out there, not born to the same circumstances as you, who deserve a shot at a better life. It is your fault for being an amazing ambassador that I have chosen to share our home with shelter dogs who need a foster home until they find their own forever. You my dear are my forever girl and because of you, so many other dogs have found their way into homes to be someone else’s forever. You are the best. But I still hate it when you steal the covers. Xoxo.

Breed: Shepherd / Bully Mix

Dear Girlie,

You really have no idea how much you mean to me. I never thought I could bond with another dog after I lost Taz. I felt broken hearted and didn’t think that any dog could ever fill that void. And then, on May 2, 2004 I found you. You were born on March 18, 2004 and you were six weeks old when I brought you home. As soon as I saw you I knew that you were the one.

So many times you have been there for me, my faithful friend. When nobody else seems to care, you always do. You have licked so many tears from my face. I can not put into words what you mean to me. You’ve been there for me through a divorce, the failure of friendships, the death of a close friend and countless other things.

If I mention the word frisbee you can not contain your excitement. You learned how to play when you were 3 months old. I love watching you jump to catch the frisbee, it still amazes me how good you are at it.

I love you girlie. You are such a loyal dog. No matter what kind of a day I have had I know that you are always there, happy to see me. Your beautiful blue eyes light up the room. Your entire body wiggles when you see me. Such unconditional love. People should love one another this way.

From now until we part, I promise to take care of you. You have enriched my life so much and brought me so much joy.

Dear Aussie,

When your father brought up the idea of getting a dog I was terrified. I had never had a dog before and wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Then I saw you. I knew the second I saw you that you were the one. Now two years later, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you. You bring more joy to my life than I could have ever imagined possible. You are one of my best and most loyal friends in this entire world. From the moment I wake up to you staring at me and waiting for me to come and scratch your belly and play to the moment we fall asleep at night cuddling. When I took you home that evening in October I thought that we were rescuing you but really you were rescuing us. You brought so much joy and love into our home and have become such a big part of our lives. You complete our family and our home. I wish every dog could have a life like yours and I wish every home could have a dog like you. Many of our friends and family think I am crazy the way I love you. But the only thing I know for sure is that I am crazy about you and the love and friendship that we have for each other! When you, your father, and I are together it is pure happiness and nothing in this world seems to matter. You instantly relieve our stress and make us forget how crazy busy our lives are. You make us realize how important it is to to cherish the fortunate lives we have together. We will forever love you!

I love you my little Aussie Bear!

Your Mommy