Dear Ranger,


I remember the way you used to sleep on my neck when you were six weeks old. I remember how you and Mickey used to love your happy meals. I remember all the trips to Florida, Arkansas and in between. I remember how you used to take me for walks, lol. I remember the crippling panic I felt when you and Mickey snuck out the fence one night and went out on a little adventure. I remember how you used to follow me absolutely everywhere, even from one end of the couch to the other. I remember your silky hair, your “tusks” and then no teeth at all. I remember how we used to dance around the house. I remember how I used to hold you up close to my face and look at us in the mirror pretending you got your good looks from me. I remember how you loved wine & beer just like Mommie! I remember how you and Mickey used to sing in unison. I remember your first dive into the pool and how much fun you had…. and I remember the bloody paws from running on the concrete all day with wet paws from your swimming festivities. I remember your relentless pursuit to attack the automatic pool cleaner. I also remember how I eventually had to surrender the pool to you, as you would not let anyone in it unless they were 100% committed to entertaining you! GOOD TIMES!! I remember that you did not care for Mickey at first and even less for Maddie when she came along. I remember absolutely everything about you, Ranger. I remember when you first started showing signs of your age and growing weak. But you never quit being excited to see me and you never quit loving me. We always said “Mommie & Ranger are like Peas & Carrots, we go together!” I have never loved anything or anyone like I love you. You were Mommie’s first born and you brought a tremendous amount of joy to my life–you still do. It has been a year since we parted and I still talk to you and Mickey every day just like you were in there on the couch, and I always will. A true love story never ends. I love you so much and I cannot wait to see you on the other side :-) Until we meet again my son, play in paradise.

Love, Mommie

Breed: Schnauzer

Dear Max,

You are my fourth Schnauzer and I have loved you all differently, and without a doubt with all my love. But you have loved be back differently than my other wonderful dogs. You have bolstered me through loneliness, heartbreak and sickness. You are only eight years old and are dying of cancer, and I will not have you here with me in a couple of months. I won’t feel you next to me in bed at night, I won’t feel you staring at me to get me to feed you, or batting me with with your paw to get a foot massage. I will no longer walk with you on the beach, where you always have the biggest smile on your face and run around like a wild man–especially if you find a stick or get to swim with me. I will miss the look of love in your eyes and your hugs and baby kisses on my cheek. I can be here for you now and love you to the end. I will miss you very much. With all my love, may you go peacefully in your sleep next to me.

Breed: Schnauzer

Posted by Anita Orlando

Faye Valentine,

Dearest Faye,
Faye baby,
Faye Valentine,

I am writing you this letter to show just how much you mean to me. To everyone who knows you.

You may not like strangers, but when you get to know someone, you let them into your trust circle for life. Which is why people who are in that circle feel so special.

You make me smile whenever I see you. You come to me when I am crying and you sit with me.

When you are scared by an earthquake, you come to me to protect you. I will always protect you.
When you got lost after the big earthquake and couldn’t find your way home, I couldn’t sleep. I felt an emptiness inside me. When you finally found your way home I knew everything was going to be okay. I’ll never let you get lost again.

I love how, when I am dancing, you think I am playing with you, and you get so riled up. My dancing isn’t that bad is it?

I wish with all my heart that you will grow into a little old lady with us by your side.

You can have all the squeaky balls that you want.

We will always love you Faye.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer X Shetland Sheepdog