The Story Behind the Photo

My Mom & Percy


Fighting the battle against cancer is never easy, but the love from a rescued poodle mix named Percy made it easier for my Mom, Joanne Sheiman. Percy was my Mom’s guardian angel while she went through treatment for breast cancer. He was always there for her with constant cuddles and a soothing look of love in his eyes. When she was too tired to get out of bed, Percy would lay by her side day in and day out and she never felt alone.

When my Mom received chemotherapy there were a lot of negative side effects, hair loss being one of them. My Mom always had beautiful, long, stick-straight hair. Loosing her locks was traumatizing at first, but she quickly embraced her baldness. She would often say with a smile on her face, “It’s only hair, it will grow back.” She was a brave warrior. When her hair finally started to grow back, her once straight hair was replaced by tight ringlet curls. As most women with straight hair, my Mom had always wanted curly hair so she was very excited! Then we noticed how similar her hair was to Percy’s! In this photo, taken by my Stepdad, Steve Sheiman, it’s almost hard to tell where Percy ends and my Mom’s hair begins. It perfectly captures their bond and love for one another.


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Dear Ellie,
























Your 2-legged daddy and I want to tell you how much we love you. You bring so much laughter and joy to our lives. The day we met you, when we came to adopt you from your first family who just couldn’t take care of you anymore, you actually adopted us on the spot. When you flopped over for a belly rub, I knew we were your new family.

You’re always ready for a game of ball, a romp through the wetlands, a ride in the car, or simple a snuggle on the couch. You are so smart and silly all at the same time time. Everyone loves “Ellie stories” and we can’t wait to share with our friends what crazy adventure has happened last. You’ve welcome and said “so long” to Foster Dog Sam. We know you miss him, but we also know you’ll welcome the next foster dog with open paws. You love to travel–especially to your favorite “downtown hotel” and to go anywhere that you can swim! Now, if we could find some hearty toys that you can’t unstuff! As long as you have a ball, though, life is good!

We marvel at our good fortune for finding you. You make our home a warm cozy place.

We love you! Your 2-leggeds,

Rachel and Jonathan
Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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