Pup Tails: Puggle Starts Fundraiser for Braces

8-month-old Puggle, Cesar Nicholson, is desperately seeking money to repair his protruding underbite. For months he was the cutest pup on the block but as he grew larger, his underbite grew more prominent and left him looking like a warthog. With the advancements in doggy orthodontics, Cesar has hope that he may get back his youthful charm.

Cesar remembers when he was a puppy and had no teeth. People would constantly coddle him and show him affection. Strangers would stop on the street just to tell his owner, Kyle Nicholson, how perfect he was. The emergence of his underbite was a slow and painful process that resulted in the destruction of Nicholson’s household. “He chewed everything: books, chords, socks, underwear… It was a very traumatic time for him and he didn’t handle the stress well.” Nicholson woefully admitted, “He had to go stay with his grandparents for a while so I could rebuild my house.”

Cesar decided he couldn’t take anymore mistreatment and something needed to change. He started a fundraiser called “Puggle Snuggles” in which he visits animal lovers who do not own dogs, in exchange for donations. Being a cuddly dog, he figured he could show them so much affection that they would get past his underbite. Unfortunately this effort has been unsuccessful and many people have turned him away because of his looks. Nicholson admitted, “His underbite definitely isn’t cute, but I refuse to pay for braces.”

After coming up empty on donations, Cesar has put Puggle Snuggles to rest. He’s desperately searching for new ways to raise money, including a Kickstarter campaign. He is determined to get back his old look and regain the constant stream of affection. With little support from his family and friends, it looks like this Puggle may have to accept his underbite and hope the obedience school bullies go easy on him.

Dear Chloe,

I can’t imagine my life without you. You make me smile everyday when we are both together. Having you greet me with kisses after I get home from a long, hard day at work makes the time apart melt away. When I’m having a crappy day at work or school, I think of you and a big stupid grin appears on my face. I know people around me must think I’m crazy. The walks we take aren’t just good exercise for the both of us but great quality time–I enjoy watching you strut your stuff. Before you came into my life I knew I would love my dog but the love I have for you is immeasurable. This love I have for you often makes me tear up when I think about the time we are apart, because I miss you that much. You are the light of my life, sweetheart.

Love your best friend,


Breed: Puggle