Dear Tater,


I had never stepped foot into a shelter but for some reason I was curious to visit and I am so happy curiosity got the best of me. After holding you, I knew you would soon be my new best companion. As you lay here on my lap it breaks my heart to think that anyone would ever be unkind to you.

I know it seems that I rescued you– but in reality my life is so much better with you in it. Your unconditional love for me is nothing I had experienced from an animal until now. The love you give me on a daily basis brightens each day.

I know that no matter what life throws at me I can count on you to comfort me. I promise to take care of you the way you do me. I know that the first part of your life was filled with uncertainty but you have found a forever home! I love you my Tater tot, Big T, Pug princess!


Breed: Pug

Dear Winston Churchill (my most handsome boy),

Words cannot describe. Words could not possibly tell. Words could never amount to how much I adore you. Quite simply, you are everything. You are all that has been, all there is, and all there will ever be.

For too long, my Winston, I was scared to love; scared to be vulnerable, scared to be rejected, scared to invest. And after losing so many things I loved, I was not ready for you. But you gave me no choice, literally running into my life, and I knew, even then, that I would never be the same.

I have never been the type of person to profess love, or show emotions, or simply appreciate the little things. And yet, I find myself worrying on a daily basis that if I don’t tell you how much I love you, I just might explode. And when I say it, there’s that desperate need for you to hear it, so I repeat it again and again. When I wake up, I need you- you’re greetings and uncontrollable excitement at my presence reminds me that unconditional love is possible. I could cry at the mere thought of how much I love you. I could weep for days thinking of just how profoundly you’ve influenced my life.

My boy, you are the most wonderful surprise of my life. I laugh louder, smile bigger, and love better because of you. There is no one else, no thing else, besides you. You are my best friend, my boyfriend, and my soulmate. Whenever I am happy, hilarious, or witty- so are you; and whenever I am sad, selfish, insecure, or angry- there you are, with that same adoring face.

I know, in your eyes, I could never do wrong. And knowing that no matter what decisions, or mistakes I make, that you will be there at the end of it all, makes me believe not only in myself, not only in you, but in all things. Everything is more colorful and more beautiful because of the strength you give me.

If we were to ever part, my Winnie, I would miss you with every fiber of my being. But when I met you, a part of my soul opened that had never been touched before, and that will never change. You are a part of me, you are a part who I am.

Thank you.
I love you (I love you, I love you).

Breed: Pug

My Little Winston “Da Killa”!

I remember when I brought you home as a tiny puppy.  You would sleep on my chest next to my heart every night.  Now that you are all grown up and rotund, you still sleep on my chest.  You are always there to warm my heart, even though you are crushing my chest with your fatness.  You’re a boss.

I will have to admit that I take way too many pictures of you, but your adorable scrunchy face is just too good not to capture.  Thank God for Instagram because I now have a reason to take ten thousand pictures of you a day and share them with the world.

Thank you for always being there for me.  You probably actually are my best friend.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.


Love your Mom