Does our dog want to come back to be with us?

Dear Monkey,

Do you want to come back again to be with us? If so, when and how will we know it’s you? Can you give us a signal when we see you? Love you and miss you!


Your family, Irene and Jackie


Dear Jackie,

Monkey and I love the picture you sent. We all look very handsome together don’t we? He is also telling me that he never felt like he was a dog – you always treated him like a human. And he wants you to know that your souls have been together in many past lives. That is why the three of you had such a connection together. Hurry up he tells me – and find a new body for him to go into. Make sure you have a connection with the new dog. It will not be until you get a new dog, and he sees that you are going to keep the dog, that his spirit will come. IF you do, get an older rescue dog that is not a puppy. Both dogs have arranged and agreed for this to happen before they come into their physical bodies. Monkey wants you to go out and find a dog that you connect with and bring him or her home as soon as possible. When Monkey is sure the dog is staying with you. He will gradually start to go into the physical body, going in and out of the new dog, until his soul settles in.

Lots of Love,

Louis (as read through Sonya)

Will I ever see my dog again in this world?

Dear Sonya and Louis,

I have a 14-year-old poodle living away from me. I know he is old now but I wish so much that he would live longer. Will I ever see him again in this world?

Thank you,



Dearest Pauline,

This is Louis speaking, I am talking to your beautiful poodle right now. Each day he knows that you think about him, that’s how our telepathic language works. Continue to talk to him each day and he will receive all of your feelings and emotions. He wants you to know that he loves you very much and he feels close to you. He also wants you to know that he has all of the wonderful memories of you and him together. Nobody can ever take that away from you or him. You have had wonderful times together he tells me. He tells me if there is a way for you to see him, he would love that. And once again he tells me, remember that you are not living with him physically but he still feels and senses you around him. The people around him love him and are very kind to him, but he has a very special place in his heart just for you.

Lots of Love,

Louis (as read through Sonya)

Woof Woof!

Will my dog come back to me again?

Dear Sonya and Louis,

I am desperate to know if my beloved girl Tallie is coming back to me again. Sonya, you did a reading for me about 9 years ago and told me that Keshia (who was dying) would come back to me, and she DID as Tallie! I have had 9 wonderful years with Tallie but she has an awful disease and I will have to put her down in the near future. It’s killing me to go through this again. Will she come back to me again? Is she ready to go?




My Dear Cindy,

I am happy to tell you your beautiful Tallie will come back to you. We can’t give you a time, but she tells me she will. It is very unusual to have a soul back twice in a lifetime. Sonya was so pleased to hear that after your reading with her, Keshia came back to you. When dogs tell us they are coming back, they usually do. I am so sorry that you are feeling the pain of her passing right now, Tallie also knows. As you know, we dogs hang on as long as we can for our human companion. But she is very sick, so if you can let her go, she is looking forward to having a new body that is young and healthy again. She also tells me to remind you she has full intention of returning to you once again. She wants you to stay strong and remember there will be no separation through death. 

Woof Woof,

Love Louis (as read through Sonya)