Dear Phoebe,


It’s an understatement: you love everyone–literally. My friends, family, people who’ve read this and those who haven’t. Whether you’ve met them or not, you love them because your world is good and they are good for being in it. You are darling, Phoebe girl, though you sit on books to keep me from reading them and chew on my fingers when I’m writing. Your jealousy of inanimate objects knows no bounds, but your love is unquantifiable. Unquestionable. Unwavering.

You are a sweetheart little Phoebe girl. Now please, stop staring at me.

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Poodle Mix

Dear Jasmin,


I love you sweetest treasure,
most beautiful and sweetest love,
I love you always and forever,
come what may, most truthful, faithful friend,
I’ll love you to the very end,
when all is one, and one is all,
summer, winter, spring or fall,
no other love, was there so true,
than all the love that came from you.
and without shame I took your name,
cause, now for sure were are the same.

See you on the other side.

Breed: Poodle

Liberace Biopic Poodle Steals the Show


Michael Douglas? Big deal. Matt Damon? Who cares?!

The real star of HBO’s Liberace Behind the Candelabra is Baby Boy, the partially-blind poodle– and now he’s got the accolades to prove it.

Baby Boy took home the top dog prize at the Cannes Film Festival by being awarded the Palm Dog.

According to Variety, “Though Baby Boy was not able to attend the Friday ceremony, he will receive a Creature Clothes trophy collar.”

Hey, Uggie… you better watch your back!