Dear Percy,

You’ve had a long road to get to me but I can’t imagine my life without you. You were rescued in Chicago by my nieces Carly and Jessica and they loved you with all their heart. Carly got a job in L.A. and off you two went to sunny California. Carly worked long hours and felt it was best for you to go live with your grandmother (my sister Joanne) in Michigan. You adapted well to the cold weather and enjoyed your new life with your new brother (Frankie) and sister (Cubby). Life was good for all of you until Joanne got diagnosed with breast cancer. You seemed to know that she was ill and you became her constant companion, you never left her side. When Joanne passed away on September 20, 2011 the family faced a dilemma over who would take the dogs. I was a cat person and definitely didn’t want a dog. I had 3 rescued cats, one of which had diabetes and required a lot of care, and I also take care of a feral family of cats, I simply had no room in my life for a dog. As I spent more time with you and you looked at me with your dark brown eyes I started thinking maybe I could love a dog. So a decision was made that you would come live with me in Texas. Frankie would go to college with Rachel and Cubby would stay in Michigan with friends of the family. The first few weeks were trying for all of us but as the days went on I fell in love with you and realized that deep down inside that I was a dog person (but don’t tell the cats–it’ll be our secret). I love that you’re so excited to see me when I get home from work, I love it when you lick my face even though you have poop breath (because you like eating cat poop) and most of all I love you because you were a part of my sister’s life. We are now one big happy family where cats and dogs coexist. Thank you Percy for letting me be your forever Mommy.

Breed: Poodle mix

Posted by Melissa Magee

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