Pit Bull Licks Sleeping Owner’s Face

This might be the best video proof of how much our dogs love us. This pooch would much rather kiss her owner than sleep!

Pitbull Puppy Can’t Stay Off the Treadmill

If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, we’re not sure what could be cuter. Meet Bandit, a new rescue at Peace Love & Pitbulls, a training and rescue organization in Las Vegas. This pack is quarantined until Bandit has all of his shots–so that means they’re sticking to the home gym. This puppy is DETERMINED to figure the treadmill out.

Check out the full video below:

Dear Rosey,


You are such an active, happy puppy. It’s hard to believe we found you on the side of the road in a milk crate, maybe minutes away from death. You poked your little head out and who knows what you might have been through–yet you remained with a great spirit and hope. You are my first baby. When I brought you home, I had no idea what I was getting into. You’ve brought so much joy and happiness not just to me but to my mother. She grew up scared of any type of dog since an incident during her childhood, and now I see her playing and laughing with a dog. It broke my heart when I was told I couldn’t keep you at home with me but I’m happy you’re still mine and I still get to see you everyday at my friend’s house. My mom and I miss you so much and maybe one day we can afford to pay and get permission from the manger to keep you home with us. Till then I will continue to see you everyday and try my best to take care you. Don’t forget me becauseI will never forget you.

Breed: Pitbull