Trend Alert: Quvenzhané Wallis’ Puppy Purses!

As if we didn’t need another reason to adore this super-talented girl, there’s no denying she’s got A+ style!

Here’s the pooper scoop on her stylish accessories:

*The Yorkshire Terrier bag she wore on the red carpet is named “Sandy,” after her own dog, and it was a custom design.

*She says she owns “about 20″ of her signature accessories.

*The bags are by Poochie & Co, but if you want one of your own– you better get moving. We have a feeling these puppies will be flying off store shelves!

5 Things You Don’t Know About Uggie

The Oscars are this weekend, but we’re still in love with last year’s unforgettable breakout star, Uggie! A year after The Artist‘s big win, we thought we’d check in on the superstar dog and see what he’s up to.

1. He wrote a book! It’s called Uggie: My Story.

2. He just celebrated his 11th birthday on Valentine’s Day, tweeting: “Happy woof day to me! Thanks For all your good wishes my darling Uggie-Huggers. I lick you all xx”

3. He launched his own silent movie-style app.

4. He’s super into playing Nintendo!

5. He’s not too pleased about being snubbed this year…


Oscar Nominees Walking Their Dogs

It’s the most important role they’ll ever play: Dog Lover!

Check out these A-list Oscar nominees going all method and taking their dogs out for a walk. These adorable pooches look ready for their close-ups.

And… action!

Bradley Cooper

Anne Hathaway

Amy Adams

Hugh Jackman

Helen Hunt

Jessica Chastain