The TODAY Show Has a Puppy Party!

The TODAY show has officially reached 2 million followers on Twitter! How did they celebrate? With a PUPPY PARTY, of course! Check out the photos from today’s pup-tastic celebration below.

Dear Cookie,


I look into your eyes and I see a sadness that is beyond any sadness I have ever known. And my dear sweet Cookie, as you know, I am no stranger to sadness.  She is a dear and long time friend. But you have a relationship with her I cannot fathom. And my heart still breaks when I think about what could have caused you to know her so well. You know her too well my dear Cookie. No creature should have such sadness in her eyes.

I have seen the scars and I have seen the cigarette burns. I have seen the x-rays of your fused spine. I have seen your filed down teeth and how you still cringe if anyone moves to quickly near you. I have watched you in your sleep as you try to run from things that are no longer chasing you. And my heart breaks for those days gone by. But I want you to know that I am here Cookie. And I will always be here. And even though we met late in your life. You are now safe. And you are now loved and you will always be loved this way.

You were already about ten years old when I saw your photo on the euthanasia list and had to go and get you….and I’m so grateful I did.  You have taught me so much about life- that even the deepest wounds can be healed.  Maybe not forgotten but they can be healed.  It must have been hard for you to trust again. And I thank you for giving me a shot at loving you.

Now when I watch you playing in the sunshine, rolling on your back, chasing a ball (you didn’t even know what a toy was when I first got you), and smiling at me, I can’t express what joy it brings me.  I love watching your happiness grow.  To see your happiness and trust emerge slowly is like watching a Picasso come to life. With each moment, I see more and more of what you were meant to be.  I see more color, more shade, more depth and every day more and more vibrancy and life.  I am just grateful to be here to witness it with you.

I love you Cookers.

Thank you for opening your heart to me.

I wish I had met you sooner, so that I could have loved you even longer…Now…we just need to work on the potty training.