Dear Mucki,

I will always remember the day I picked you up at the Airport. Mommy & Daddy rescued you from Spain after being stationed overseas. I am so sorry I did not rescue you before, and that you had to spend 2 years of your life in a rescue shelter. I know you loved to be with your daddy & sister, but do not worry my sweet baby, they found their forever home as well.

Mucki, you were scared of children & of men when I first got you. We worked together on these issues and now I am so happy that you let children pet you and your human daddy walk you. I do not know a lot about your past but I know this about our present:

You bring happiness to my life & you show me love every day. You teach me selflessness, loyalty and friendship. When I feel down, you are the one who comforts me the best. Seeing you happy makes me happy. You are my little sunshine, and the best part of my day. As for the future, know that you are special to me, you can always count on me, and that I won’t let you down. I will care for you–healthy or unhealthy, young or old. If you can not see anymore, I will guide you, and if you can not walk the stairs, I will lift you. My love will be your strength. You are my best friend and the best part of my day.

With (a lot of) love, your Mommy

Breed: Pure Mutt :)

Dear Marley,

Where to begin? You were born on the floor of a kill shelter down south. I don’t know if you remember it, but you certainly don’t know what a “kill shelter” is and you will never have to find out because you were rescued. After days of searching I saw your little face on my computer screen and I knew you were meant to be mine, and you were.

In 2 short years we have been through so much. Not many people would have stuck by me through that whole homeless thing but you did. You believed me when I said we would get a home of our own and not be sleeping on a basement floor forever, and we found one.

Side note:I realize our neighbors are awful people that don’t like you for some unknown reason but, please try to not act like you’re going to jump through the window and maul them. I know that this is just an act but they believe it may happen.

You make me laugh everyday with your love of life and everything around you…except for squirrels and turkeys. You love just being with me, you don’t care what I’m doing or what I look like, if I’m happy or sad. You have become a part of me, and I love you a bit more every day…if that’s possible.



Breed: Mutt