Dear Riley,

Thank you for being the best dog ever! You have brightened my world more than words can explain. You are always there to comfort me when I am sad, and there to celebrate me when I am happy. I love spoiling you! Thank you for always being there at night to cuddle (and occasionally kick) me! I love you bunches!



Breed: Morkie

My Friend Wrigley Loves His Kong Wobbler

Have you guys heard of the Kong Wobbler?  The Wobbler is my friend “Wrigley the Morkie’s” favorite toy.   Wrigley’s mom puts food inside it and when he pushes it with his paw… it wobbles around and food falls out.  Wrigley looooooves his wobbler!!!  When the Wobbler is out…nothing else matters.

Watch Wrigley’s Wobbler video below. He makes me laugh.

How does my dog feel about me leaving him?

Dear Louis & Sonya,

I recently moved to Los Angeles from Florida and could not bring my two year old Morkie named Wrigley with me. He is now living with my parents who also love him very much. The dog is a strong alpha male who is very attached and protective of me. He does well with my parents because my dad is the Alpha and they are home more than I was. I was gone for two months and just came back to visit for a week. He won’t leave my side and keeps checking to make sure I am still here. I know he has a great life living with my parents, but I feel so guilty for leaving don’t want to traumatize him by leaving again even though I will be back to visit during holidays. I do believe he is happy with my parents, but I can’t help thinking that when I leave again he will feel abandoned or depressed and that breaks my heart. Can you tell me how Wrigley feels about me leaving and how to make sure he knows that I still love him even though I don’t live with him anymore?

Sincerely, Chelsea

My Dear Chelsea,

I have to tell you that your dog is very beautiful, just like I was when I was in my physical body!  I was so handsome, and so is he, I have to say!

Well Chelsea, he is chatting with me, you know, and he is telling me that his grandparents adore him.  And of course he’s missing you, but he is very happy and knows you had to go away.  Also, he tells me he is never lonely because they are home with him all the time.  Please don’t feel guilty.  He doesn’t feel abandoned.  And you always tell him that you will come back to spend time with him. 

And his emphasizing that he certainly did not feel you abandoned him.  He knows his mother loves him too much and would never think of ever abandoning him. 

He also tells me you have a picture of him on your cell phone.  And when you look at his photo, he feels your love.  You are more upset, than he is! 

But when you do visit with him, he is certainly going to make the most of every moment by being with you.  And he is telling me that is why he doesn’t leave your side the whole time you’re there with him.  He is always a little sad when you leave, but his grandparents feel this too because they miss you as well.  Grandpa and Grandma spoil me rotten.  And love me very much too. 

And he wants to let you know that you have a direct telephone line to him.  You can speak to him though the magnetic field that runs through the universe just like you talk on your cell phone.  And Louis says we all speak in feelings, emotions and picture images.  And we are all transmitting out our feelings and he can pick up the messages wherever he is and wherever you are. 

But he really wants to tell you he does not feel you abandoned him.  And he certainly feels  just a little sad when you go, but he is lucky to have so many humans love and spoil him.  I do hope this makes you feel better.


Woof, Woof!