Dear Rocky,

The day I brought you home I realized you were the piece that had been missing in my life, the little hole in my heart that needed to be filled–and you happily took on the job from day one.

I want to thank you for being such an inspiration. You have taught me more than any other individual ever has. You showed me how to live my life to the fullest, enjoy the small things and put all of my heart in to everything that I do. Thank you for teaching me about unconditional love, loyalty and compassion. Thank you for showing me the amazing bond that can develop between a human and animal. I love your enthusiasm for life and excitement for anything that you and I do together, whether it be a car ride, a walk, or simply cuddling together in bed.

I want to thank you for staying by my side whenever I was sick, for licking away my tears whenever I was sad, for keeping those pesky pigeons off our lawn at all times and for always protecting me with every fiber of your little eleven-pound body. Thank you for keeping me on my toes with your mischievous little personality and thank you for always accepting the challenge when I thought that I put my dinner high enough out of your jumping potential.

You are so much more than a pet to me. You are the holder of my heart, my soul mate, my co-pilot. In the end of it all, you rescued me–and for that, I can never repay you. I truly love you with every ounce of my being and every beat of my heart.

Your best friend,

Breed: Miniature Pinscher Mix