Dear Bitsy,

In a few short weeks, you will be celebrating your 2nd birthday. I can’t wait to celebrate your special day with you and the rest of our family because, as you know, this will be the first birthday that we will be sharing with you. Your former owners could not keep you so we decided that instead of having you placed in a shelter, we would take you into our home and heart 6 months ago. Remember the first day we met? I was upstairs in my room getting ready to start the day when I heard your little footsteps running up the stairs to my room. I didn’t know that you were in our house so I opened the door to see your cute little perfect face staring back at me. I smiled a smile as wide as the universe and took a step forward to pet you and you barked and barked and barked at me. Before you came along, I never had a dog before so I got scared of you and went back into my room. I didn’t realize that you were just barking because you were nervous. It must have been scary to be brought to a new home with new sounds and smells. I remember our first walk together in the park, a proud smile always appeared whenever someone passed us by and commented on how cute you were. As the months went by, we developed a closeness that can not be broken and my heart grew 10 sizes bigger. I would stare at you as you slept and tried to understand the immensity of love that I felt for you.
A few weeks ago, Cj brought you to run an errand with him and when he opened the car door, you ran out and across the street. When he called to tell me what happened, my heart sank. I couldn’t believe that you were lost and I was so worried that you would be hurt. I broke down crying but quickly realized that crying wouldn’t help get you back. So, I had cj drive me to my mom’s work and my mom and I set off to make posters and look for you. The next 5 days were the longest days of our lives. The two of us had little to no sleep each night and spent close to 20 hours a day making and posting flyers, calling the city, visiting shelters and telling people on the street. If you only knew how hard we worked to get you back safe and sound. We ended up posting 300 flyers all around the city! Mom broke down a few times but I tried to stay strong for the both of us and prayed to God that wherever you were, you were safe, warm and being treated well. I put my faith in God and believed that we would get you back.
I remember the moment when I got the text from Cj saying “I have Bitsy, I’m coming home”. I was so glad that you were safe and so exited to see you that I ran upstairs, grabbed a chair and sat infront of the window until you came home. You came in the house and immediately started sniffing everywhere and then got I’m your bed and fell asleep. You must have been exhausted from being lost for that long. The next few days we all focused on getting you comfortable again and back to normal and Im so happy to see the old bitsy running and playing around the house again. I wish that you could talk so that we could find out what happened to you during that time that you were missing. However, I’m just glad to have you home safe and sound.
I’m writing this letter to let you know how values and special you are to me and the rest of our family. You have not only opened my heart bigger than I ever thought possible, but you have helped our family grow closer. And for that, I am forever grateful. I love you when you’re good and I love you when you misbehave. There is nothing you could do to ever lose my love; my love for you is unconditional.
So, thank you for just being you. You are the best dog a girl could ever want. I went 23 years without a dog before we got you and was it ever worth it. You are the “Bitsy Baby”, you are the light of the household; you, are my joy rising.


Brittany :)
Breed: Mini Pinscher/Maltese Mix

Dear Bowie,

To be fair you were my roommate’s dog but I did give you your first bath so that’s got to count for something. You are half mini pincher and half french bulldog, so when asked I say you are a bull-pin. When we got you, we measured you next to a sharpie and I think the sharpie won. Today I believe you’re close to two sharpies and a half. However, I wouldn’t know because getting you to sit still long enough for an accurate measurement is nearly impossible.

Sadly we don’t live together anymore. Luckily your mother is busy and often needs me to babysit.

I love you little lady. Sincerely,

Uncle Ryan.
Breed: Bull-Pin