The Freedom Leash: My Solution For Anyone With Two Dogs

The other day my mom was walking me through the neighborhood when all of a sudden these two wild dogs came barreling around the corner. Their dad was on the phone and their dog’s leashes were all tangled up. They walked by us and all of a sudden I was tangled up with them too! It was a mess – so I thought, you know what they need . . . The Freedom Leash. 

Two dogs, one leash and zero tangling. The Freedom Leash is a retractable leash that helps dog moms and dads walk two dogs without having to worry about the cords getting all tangled. Problem solved.

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My Must Have Puppia Harness

I absolutely love my Puppia Soft Harness! It is so much more comfortable than those scratchy leashes. I pull a lot when I go for walks so this harness protects my throat when I try to chase those silly squirrels.
It comes in lots of colors, but I love wearing my PINK one so that everyone knows I am a girl!