Lily’s Favorite Things: K-9 Float Coat

I’m not too proud to admit it: I’m not the best swimmer, okay? I’m much better at lounging under a cabana and sipping a “dogarita.” That’s why I love Ruffwear’s K-9 Float Coat.

Now I can join my mom for all of our favorite water spots: kayaking, rafting, surfing, yachting, sailing, yachting… you get it. I feel safe and snug in this jacket, allowing me to focus on what’s important– another round of dogaritas!

Anchors away, maties!


John Paul Pet Products Are The Only Good Thing About My Bathtime

I have to be honest here … I love looking pretty, but I do NOT like getting groomed. The ONLY thing I like about bath time is the smell of the Awapoochi shampoo and conditioner my mom uses on me. My favorite bath products are made by John Paul Pet and are Paraben & EDTA-free, which my mom says means they are more gentle for pets. She says my coat is so shiny after my bath because John Paul Pet products are naturally designed with the proper PH levels we pooches need to maintain a healthy coat.

We love John Paul Pet here at A Letter To My Dog. Check out this video for more information on why dog advocate John Paul DeJoria created John Paul Pet products:

My Friend Wrigley Loves His Kong Wobbler

Have you guys heard of the Kong Wobbler?  The Wobbler is my friend “Wrigley the Morkie’s” favorite toy.   Wrigley’s mom puts food inside it and when he pushes it with his paw… it wobbles around and food falls out.  Wrigley looooooves his wobbler!!!  When the Wobbler is out…nothing else matters.

Watch Wrigley’s Wobbler video below. He makes me laugh.