Lily’s Favorite Thing: Customized Pridebites Toy!

Lily’s loves her new toy that looks just like her! Lily sent her photo in to PrideBites and they created a customized dog toy based on her image. Lily thinks this would be a great Holiday gift for any dog lover! You can customize your own PrideBite dog toy to look like your pet, a friend or a logo.

Durable PrideBite dog toys are light weight, machine washable, vet approved and they even float! They are made of two layers of soft “durabite” fleece with a rip stop technology sewn between the layers so they stay strong and retain their shape. The squeakers are encased in pouches and then sewn onto the toy for safety. Order a PrideBite dog toy or customize your own today at HERE!

Lily’s Favorite Things: The LazyBonezz Lazy Jogger


Good grief.

It’s too hot to do anything outside, much less walk. That’s why I’m insisting that my mom push me around in one of these!

It’s stylish, lightweight, folds up easily– and it’s even got two cup holders for my mom’s iced latte. Therefore, I simply refuse to go anywhere without Lazybonezz’s Lazy Jogger.

After all, I need to save my energy… for power napping.

Lily’s Favorite Things: AiKiou Interactive Feeder



Okay, did I get in a time machine and wake up in the future? Because this bowl is far-out!

This cool contraption s the AiKiou Interactive Feeder. (If I spoke human-talk, I’d pronounce it “I.Q.”)

My  mom likes that it’s an interactive puzzle with 14 different openings to challenge my mind and prevents gulping and over-eating. And it’s BPA-free!

But am I gonna dig this thing? You betcha! I love a challenge, using my nose the way nature intended (to sniff out grub), and this gives me something to do instead of waiting for my food all day long!

Plus, it comes in three colors!

And what lady doesn’t like to watch her portion size?