Dear Aura,

Since I was able to hold you in the palm of my hand, I knew you were something special. Even though you were the runt and malnourished, you have grown and thrived. From your humble beginning, you have done nothing but bring happiness and smiles to all. Everyday you put into life more than you get out. If only more were like you: simple, loving and always smiling!


Your companion


Breed: Lab/boxer/german shepard

Dear Dixie,

You are so special. Your are so sweet and cute, I can’t think of you without getting happy. I can’t look at you without getting a smile. Thank you for being my dog. When you put your bone on my chair when you know I am in pain, when you lick my hands when they hurt so bad I can’t hold your lease, I know you are the most wonderful dog ever. I love you! You make my life better! I love to go to Puppy School with you. I promise to be a good mommy and to never let you go.
Love, mommy
Breed: lab /hound

Dear Bubba,

It has been many years now since I found you at the pound. You were the only one not barking you looked up at me with your big warm eyes and I was yours. I was not sure if I was ready for a new dog yet but you won my heart. When I got sick you never left my side. You know when I don’t feel good and lay there and keep my feet warm. You put up wonderfully with all the other dogs in the family but you have my heart of hearts. Now that you are getting up there in your age I only hope I have and can make you as loved and comforted as you have me. Love you Bubba

Breed: Chocolate Lab