Dear Simha,

It will be almost five years that we have been together. I had just come back to society after being locked up for a year and didn’t trust anyone. You had just spent a year in a home that didn’t want you and almost took you back to the shelter a couple of times. We both needed a sense of family and belonging.

I feel like we are kindred spirits. I needed to rest and heal and you needed to overcome the trauma of being in a house that treated you like a dog. They made you sleep on the cold floor and made you eat processed kibble.

I remember the first time I allowed you on the bed. You looked as if you were waiting to be reprimanded and it took you months to realize that you were valued as a member of the family– and that what you liked and disliked were important to me. You are important.

I feel like every time I treated you with love and respect, I was also telling myself that I deserved these things too. I treat you better than I was treated at the hands of others, and it is still healing to me. Loving you has taught me that I have the power to nurture myself. Loving you makes me feel important.

Thank you for being my cuddle buddy and confidant. Thank you for putting up with the kooky costumes even though I know they embarrass you sometimes. Thank you for getting excited when I sing and for wagging that cute tail of yours whenever I enter the room.

You will always be my best friend. I love you and I think you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world. You have gotten through all the defenses of my heart and that is where you will always remain.

Thank you for teaching me what unconditional Love is all about. I can’t imagine a world now without you in it. I love you my burly girly.

Mamma Jen

Breed: Lab/Pit Mix