Dear Taz “My Shadow”,

TAZ – My Shadow,

TAZ (Australian Cattle Dog), it is with great honor, that I write you this heartfelt letter. You are my hero in so many ways but one in particular. Do you recall shortly after your first birthday right after you graduated from K-9 School and you were trained in obedience and protection? Taz, you are my shadow, my everything, everywhere I go, whatever I do – you are there. I will never know what life will be like without you. There are dogs – then there are HEROES!

Well, you and I both will never forget that dreadful day – when our guard was down an unidentified intruder barged into our home. He grabbed me but immediately you knew I was in harm’s way. I yelled ‘HELP ME TAZ’ and there you were ‘my shadow’; instantly you came in a full speed run, latched on to the intruder’s groin, dropping him to the ground, and held him down the entire time shaking your head, pulling and jerking (as to pay him back). After being freed, I was able to get to the phone to dial ’911′. He got up and ran out of my house hoping to escape the authorities but was later found.

You truly saved my life as a one-year-old puppy a rookie out of K-9 school; you hadn’t even had time to mature into your adulthood by that time. Your instincts knew I was in danger; as I write this letter to you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my ‘knight in shining armor’. You are my true protector of my home and God sent.

Dogs live simply and in the moment, they take the greatest of pleasure from the most natural and simple of things, whether it is catching a frisbee, chasing a jolly ball across the yard, playing just because they can, chewing on a bully stick or the cozy warmth of their sweaters snuggled in their warm beds.

Lastly God Bless You, Taz, for showing me to never take one second for granted, forgive others when it may seem impossible, never forget to say our prayers every night, remaining loyal and most importantly…for your unconditional love. I love you TAZ ‘my shadow’, your mom!

Dear Casey,

Dear K-9-Loads of Love to Give