Dear Reggie,


I cannot believe we have been together for 5 years now. It seems like only yesterday that I met you in Randolph, VT. I remember going to the Shelter to look at a beagle named Sam. When I got there you were in the fenced-in yard, and when I got down on one knee to see Sam, you beat him to me and put one paw on my knee. You then walked away and sat in the grass looking at me. I almost lost it and I immediately asked the woman running the shelter – “Who is that?” She told me “that’s Reggie, she just got here a week ago.” I said “She?” and apparently you were given a boy’s name cause they thought you were a boy. Anyway – you had my heart immediately and that day you and I left together for your new home.

I cannot tell you how much you mean to me Reggie…You are THE best girl. You are the best snuggle buddy and I cannot imagine my life without you.

I love you so much Reggie and I will never forget how we first met.

I Love you Reggie!

Breed: Jackabee – Jack Russell/Beagle Mix

Dear Dande,

Thank you for always being excited to see me. Thank you for being the best snuggler a girl could ask for. Thank you for always coming to sit by me when Im crying. Thank you for allowing me to share a hamburger with you after a scary vet appointment. Thank you for being excited to open presents, even if they arent yours. Thank you for being a best friend to all the rabbits. Thank you for making Georges bad days at work pretty good days after all. Thank you for taking up so much space on Kathys king size bed that she only gets an edge. Thank you for being kind to Grandma. Thank you for picking me up from the hospital. Thank you for tolerating baths, haircuts, poking, proding and bottom washes. Thank you for loving your duck so much. Thank you for being brave eventhough you cant really see anymore. Thank you for always seeing the good in my heart. Thank you for sleeping in with me. Thank you for being.
Breed: Jack Russell cross

Dear Archie (Archibald the First),

Archie is my dog and he is a great dog. Archie always licks me when I come home from school. Archie doesn’t bite anyone and he is a little dog with a brown patch. He is 3 years old and Archie keeps robbers out of my house. I love taking Archie for a walk as he plays with other dogs at the Park. He eats lots of food too just like me!

Love Noah xxx

Breed: Mini Fox Terrier X Jack Russell