Dear Hachi,

You the best friend I have ever had. When I am sad you make me happy, you make me laugh, and you are very protective of me. I love you very much. You are like a brother to me. You are very nice to me. It is like you are human. If you didn’t come into my life I don’t know what I’d do. I know I have had other dogs in the past but your are my favorite. You are loving, funny, and caring. I love you.

Your friend,

Breed: Husky/Wolf hybrid

Dear Khloe,


You may poop on my floor, you may beg for my scraps, you may sit on my head, you may try to steal my bed,
You may scratch at my door, you may bark at my friends, you may tear down my blinds, you may chew through my fence.
All these things I’ve said may be true, but no one, I mean no one, loves me half as much as you do.

Breed: Husky

OMG A Singing Dog – Mishka The Husky!

Mishka’s owners noticed her passion for singing so they decided to set up some auto-tune software and start recording her. They had no idea how popular she would become because of it nor how much their lives would be turned upside down (in a very good way) because of their singing pooch.  Mishka’s song actually sounds pretty good and she’s been getting so much attention for it with millions of viewers on Youtube and Facebook alone. Hailing from New Jersey, this amazing Husky loves to sing and her incredible voice lead her right to Hollywood.  Appearing on Live with Kelly! , she got a chance to sing for the magnificent Bette Midler and she even landed a Purina commercial because of her talent.

Although we know that Mishka is definitely one of a kind, we also know that there are many talented canines out there that we applaud and can’t wait to see . Until then, you can check out Mishka’s amazing talent and see just how incredible she is HERE. With her love of singing, we’re just waiting for the Christmas album to drop!