Best Holiday Gifts for Your Pup

Pamper your pup this holiday season with a gift that will get his body moving and his tail wagging. Give your pooch a gift that differs from the all-season rawhide bones and doggie stuffed animals. If you’re a true dog lover, show your admiration by offering a gift to your favorite canine.


Keep your pup in excellent health by implementing enhanced fitness in a fun way. Flik-It will pick up a tennis ball and launch it with power and accuracy. Best of all, you can enjoy a game of fetch without causing yourself excess muscle and joint pain. The Gravity-lock feature also allows you to pick up the ball slobber-free, and without bending down. ($12.99)

Buster DogMaze Food Dish

Make mealtime a healthy challenge with the BusterDogMaze Food Dish. Designed for canines of all sizes and breeds, this unique dog bowl tests Fido’s brainpower as he’s forced to push his treats through passages to reach the exit where he can devour his tasty food. The maze bowl is also ideal for canines that eat too fast, forcing them to slow down. ($31.27)

Pet Doors

Give you pup free reign of the backyard by installing a pet door. Available in standard door- and wall-entry doors, electronic doors and sliding door inserts, doggy doors are come in a wide range of sizes and can be installed nearly anywhere in the home. Dog doors at, such as the Passport Pet Door, use advanced entry and exit technology to give your pooch the freedom it craves. This electronic pet door even has a wireless connection for remote programming from any smart device. ($229.99)

GPS Pet Tracker

If you’ve ever lost a beloved pet, you know how heartbreaking it can be. A GPS pet tracker from Tagg ensures that you’ll never be without your canine companion again. These advanced tracking devices are equipped with GPS technology. Simply attach the tracker to your pet’s collar and you’ll always know where he is. If Fido wanders outside of the designated “safe zone,” you’ll receive an email or text message immediately. ($99.95)

Gourmet Dog Treats

Conquer your pup’s sweet tooth with a box of Sojo’s Gourmet Dog Treats. Available in Beef Stew, Biscuits and Gravy, and other delightful varieties, your pooch will love the strong flavor. You’ll love that these treats are made with natural ingredients. These gourmet treats are designed with big dogs in mind, and come packaged in a cute box your dog will love to rip apart to get the contents inside. ($6.49)


Spoil your special canine with a box full of doggie goodies. When you sign your pet up for a PetBox subscription, he’ll receive a customized shipment each month. In your pooch’s PetBox, he’ll receive tons of goodies, such as treats, toys, and training tools. Members will also have access to special discounts and promotions on additional supplies and products. With each box shipped, PetBox will also feed a hungry rescue animal. ($39.00)