Hero Dog Saves Texas Girl from Rattlesnake



We think “Psycho” might be in need of a name change… and maybe an extra treat or ten.

An incredible story via KTSM News in Texas:

A Hueco Tanks family is hailing their dog a hero after the ten-pound Chihuahua-poodle mix gets between a little girl and a venomous rattlesnake.

A ten-pound mutt called ‘Psycho’ is a lover, but most of all, he’s a protector. “Me and my little sister [sic] were making mud pies and I hear a hiss and a rattle and I look down and there’s a snake,” Maya Delarosa, a young girl in her pre-teens, told us. Maya Delarosa and her sister were playing by a cooler in Hueco Tanks and only inches away from a venomous rattle snake.

The family told us the snake was coiled and up and ready to strike. Ready, but the snake’s bite did not land on Delarosa or her sister. Instead, the brazen family dog came between her and an uncertain fate. “Psycho, he got in front of me and the snake bit him,” Delarosa told us.

“I love my little dog… I mean, he saved her life,” Martha Rodriguez said. Martha Rodriguez is Maya’s grandmother and Psycho’s owner. “Oh, God! He’s my hero!,” Rodriguez exclaimed through laughter and tears. The rattlesnake bit Psycho’s eyelid, and even though it looks painful, Rodriguez believes her ‘little guy’ would do the same thing over again. “He don’t (sic) learn, I mean if the snake did it again, he’d just jump back again,” Rodriguez told us.

Dr. Vicki Dashley treated Psycho and agrees the dog is a hero, and he’s also lucky. “He’s just got a lot of swelling around that eye. We won’t know for sure until the swelling has gone down but we think the eye is going to be saveable (sic),” Dr. Dashley explained.

Psycho may be a crazy dog who wears his name well, but he may also have to have a second name – Hero.

The dog did get an anti-venom shot, but is doing well and resting. Psycho will be back in the veterinarian’s office in a week for a check-up.

Hero Dog Loses Snout Saving Girls


Meet Kabang, the miracle dog – via HLN:

It’s hard to look at Kabang the dog without getting kind of sad. Her injuries look so painful — she’s missing the entire top part of her snout. Perhaps it would make you feel better to know that she is on the mend, and will soon be on her way home.

About a year and a half ago in her native Philippines, Kabang saved two young girls from getting hit by a motorcycle, according to HLN affiliate KXTV. She ran in front of the vehicle, sacrificing herself. She survived, but not without serious damage to her snout.

For the last few months, she has been in the care of doctors at William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Davis, California. Although the doctors could not rebuild her broken face, they were able to repair her nostrils and eyelids and make changes to keep the wound from getting infected. Additionally, Kabang got treatment for heartworms and a tumor. The whole thing was paid for through Care for Kabang, a private organization founded specifically in the hero dog’s honor.

Now, as healthy and happy as she can be, Kabang is heading home. She will be returned to her owner’s home in the Philippines soon.