Misa Minnie’s Adorable Halloween Costume!

Is it the adorable Misa Minnie…or Misa McFly from Back to the Future?! We love this costume. What are you dressing your pup up as for Halloween? Don’t forget to enter our spooky Halloween costume contest HERE!

Adorable Dogs Go Trick-or-treating

Who doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween? But sometimes it’s hard to choose just one costume.

That’s certainly the case for these dogs.

Youtube star Cute Dog Maymo and Puppy Penny are at it again in a hilarious new video that shows off their Halloween spirit, as well as their array of adorable dog costumes!

Dressed as teddy bears, tigers, Teletubbies and more, the pups go door to door receiving odd Halloween treats.

Check out this video and many others posted by the owners of Maymo and Penny on their YouTube page!

Admit it–we know you dress up your dog for Halloween, too! We’re giving away a terrifyingly awesome prize package to the dog-owner with the best-dressed Halloween pup. Enter our Halloween Pet Costume Giveaway HERE!

A Letter To My Dog’s Spooky Halloween Giveaway!

Pet Costume Giveaway

It’s almost Halloween and that can only mean one thing: dogs everywhere dressed up as various food items, fairy-tale princesses, and creatures from outer space!  We know you dress up your pet for Halloween, and we have a terrifyingly awesome prize package for the dog-owner with the best-dressed pup! The prizes include:

1st place

2nd Place

  • 1 copy of A Letter To My Dog
  • 1 Dynamo dog treat bag

3rd place 

  • 1 Kong Squeezz Jel

Here’s how you can win:

  1. Visit the Pet Costume Giveaway Facebook app HERE. Upload your favorite pooch-pic from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram. 
  2. Vote on your favorite entries. You can vote for your own entry & any others up to ONCE every day. Don’t forget to encourage all of your friends & fellow dog-lovers to vote for your photo, too!
  3. The 3 costumes with the most votes win!
  4. Ready? Set? ENTER!

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 31 at midnight ET.