Dear Sophie,


From the first time I laid eyes on you, sitting regally on a brocade pillow with your lavender collar; our eyes connected, and I knew you were the one.

We carefully brought you home and gave you the life you so deserved, especially after having raced your youth away for men’s greed of money at an Arizona Greyhound racetrack.

I lavished you with love, held you close, pet your brow, and scratched behind your soft, furry ears. No creature comfort was withheld, or denied; only the best food for you.

You were my constant companion; before I would leave a room we were in, I would stop (each and every time), and look at you, searching to capture that iridescent glint in your eyes, and then I would linger, looking longingly, as I knew I was looking at your very soul.

You were my shadow; wherever I went you would follow, no matter what, from room to room, day or night. I was never alone, our souls were one.

Afternoons would find us cuddled up (spoons) together on the bed, buried under a cloud of soft billowy fleece; warm and protected from a world we ran from, but couldn’t escape. That, Sophie, was Heaven on Earth, and that was your gift to me.

Walking, people always spoke of your beauty (you got more attention than me, Sophie, but I didn’t mind). When asked, I would answer, “I adopted her. She’s a rescue, but, really, she rescued me.”

I’ve often said, if it weren’t for the love and affection of animals, I’m not completely sure I would still be here, and it is true. I have found no greater love, no greater affection.

Animals give us unconditional love, even if (G-D forbid) they are mistreated. That’s all they want, our love; to be loved in return. For a crumb they give us their lives.

Who else frantically runs to the door to greet you each and every time you come home, tired, and exhausted; and they do it every day, multiple times a day, it never changes, or varies.

My soul is aggrieved, my heart is broken; I have lost my closest companion.

Our souls are one, Sophie, now, and forever.

Every night, before sleep, I would say to her as she faithfully lay next to my bed, ‘I love you Sophie-goose with all my heart, soul, mind, body, spirit, strength, and will.’

Shhh! Shhh! Shhhhhh! Rest, now, Sophie-girl, you are safe in my heart forever.

Breed: Greyhound

Greyhound’s Snow Romp in Batman Jammies!

Batdog is back to the rescue, doing everything he can to save his town from a blizzard!

Okay, so maybe this is just an adorable Greyhound named Mosley frolicking around in the snow while wearing the cutest jammies we’ve ever seen.

Dear Snigger,

Darling best Boy. Next weekend it’s a whole year since we said goodbye and I miss you so much every day that my heart aches. Coming home is not the same without your dear dog face and helicopter tail, and the bed is cold and lonely without your warm fur body snuggling behind my legs. I have no one to play toy with when I should be getting ready for work, although I still keep your toy on my dressing table and I sit on the bed with it some mornings and cry. I hope you are hanging out having fun with your beautiful brother Taffy, who went a couple of years before you and who I miss just as much as ever. Look after yourselves until I get there, I love you both forever, love Mummy xxx

Breed: Greyhound / Staffy

Posted by Janine