Dear Smudge,


When our family dog Kassie crossed over the rainbow bridge, I mourned. We went three years without a dog in our home and I was tired of the emptiness. I needed comfort and I knew I needed my own dog. I saved up money and told my parents I was buying my own dog and would be responsible for everything you needed. They protested…until they saw you. I bought you from a family that just wanted to breed their two goldens once, just for the experience. They were nice. As I watched your siblings playing in the grass together, I noticed one small, pudgy fluff rolling around by himself in the corner. I knew you were mine. Of course, now, we know I am yours.

You brought joy back in my life when I needed it most. For seven years, you have made me laugh (hysterically sometimes), frustrated me by your laziness, and let me hold onto you while I cried into all of that fur. You are my anchor. I love that when I left for Germany and would Skype with mom and dad, you’d perk up when you heard my voice. I love that when I leave for a minute to get something out of my car, you act like you haven’t seen me in years. You tolerate every dog that has come over to play and every person that has come and gone from our lives. You bring joy to those who do not know you, but simply see your big goofy grin. Being away from you (even for a week) makes me sad and I cannot imagine the day when I will not see you again.

Never lose that grouchy, old man personality or the ability to make me feel like I’m the only thing that will ever matter to you. You will always be mine and I will always be yours. Lets make it another seven years, okay old man? :)

I love you,

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dear Buddy,


My beloved Bud Bud, I don’t even know where to start. I had no idea how much I could love until you came into my life. You have been with me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows–never ever turning away when I was sometimes a puddle of tears. How could I ever make you understand how much I love you and how honored I am to have you in my life? I promise that in your darkest days I will be by your side and comfort you as you always have me–though I have come to convince myself that you will be the first golden retriever to live to be 100. You will forever be my greatest love.


Breed: Golden Retriever

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