Dear Skyy,

You make each day shine. After losing Aspen (my former Golden) last summer, I lost a part of myself. You have brought that missing piece of my life back. I will always love and miss my first two Goldens, Jingles and Aspen, but you help fill that void. You make me smile, laugh and give such love. You are a beautiful, intelligent girl and I love you as much if not more than you love me. You are my friend and companion for life. Hugs and kisses to you Baby Girl!

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dear Dakota,


You’re as sweet as candy, you’re crazy like a wolf–a great bundle of fun and a cuddler. You’re not my actual dog but I still call you mine! You give me wet soft kisses and sit on my lap. Your’re not normal–you chase coyotes, bikes and stop big rigs. You’re still with us because you were meant to be in this world! Love you.

Breed: Golden Retriever

Dear Chloe,


You were someone’s dog. You were chased onto my property by wild animals. You tried your hardest to seem bigger and stronger than you were but you were weak, emaciated, infected and damaged. You used your last bit of strength to ward them off and sleep under my porch to get the rest you needed. Tomorrow is another day and another chance at life because, after all, you were someone’s dog.

When I came out, you came to me like you had known me your whole life–tail wagging even though your fur was matted. You were drowning in infection, tore up on your legs and stomach from getting caught in barbed wire–but you didn’t show it. Even if a person wasn’t giving you food, you were happy to see anyone who gave you notice. You were someone’s dog. When I gave you leftovers, you took them down in one bite.

I knew I didn’t have time and I couldn’t have a dog in my life, but you needed food and help. I bought you food and took you to the vet to find your chip because a sweet dog like you, you were someone’s dog. You didn’t have pests, heart worm or any other problem but the infection was about to kill you in a few weeks. You didn’t seem that way because you were so happy to see me every time I was around. I got you meds and groomed you. When you came out of the vets, I was so speechless as you were the most beautiful dog I had ever seen after being cleaned. Surely a dog as sweet, loving and beautiful as you was someone’s dog.

You were extremely excited to see me. My roomate informed me that you were not allowed in the house and that they would impound you if I brought you back. Distraught, a good friend took you in temporarily until I could fix the situation. Every day, I went to see you and be with you. I didn’t want to waste a good opportunity I was given by my friend who was kind enough to take you in, and felt like you were my responsibility until I could find the person who had to own you. You dealt well with so many changes and were well behaved in my friend’s house. You were obviously someone’s dog. I straightened my situation out and took you home. You were happy all the time, well behaved, well trained and followed me everywhere. I moved to a better place where you know my quirks and I know your routines. You are there when I wake up, excited to start the day with me–and there at night to remind me to go to bed. I don’t know your past, but I don’t need to. Everyday, you show me that you are not my dog, but my best friend.

Breed: Golden Retriever