Dear True,

The moment I saw your perky little ears, I knew you were the one. I had told myself that we would be best friends for eternity and reside in each other for comfort. As we spent more and more time together, I felt an immense need to keep you safe forever–but did you feel the same about me? As our connection was born, I was so in love with you that I became insecure. Did you love me? Were you happy in my presence? I hope you know that everyday I wake up and enjoy seeing two brown eyes starting back at me. Know that everyday, I wouldn’t be happy unless you were by my side–happily trotting along.

Forever and always,


Breed: German Shepherd

Dear Ross,


As we come to the end of our great journey, I reflect on the road we have traveled. You have been a great friend, an amazing brother and the best companion a guy could ever have. You always smiled to cheer me up in a time of pain, waited at the door for me to get back from school and kept vigilant while the family slept. You have made me laugh and cry, but you have never let me down. I can only hope I lived up to the same for you. I will always love you big guy. I will always hold you in my heart and I will never forget you.


Breed: White German shepherd

Dear Charlie,

I miss you so very much. Every day that goes by without you, I realize how much you were a part of my life and everyone around us. Everyone keeps asking, “Where is Charlie?” “Why didn’t you bring Charlie?” It breaks my heart every time I have to say you passed away due to the brain tumor. I have been the luckiest man to have had you in my life. Since the very beginning I knew you were extremely smart when you came into the bathroom while I was drying off from my shower and you tilted your head and ran out of the room and came back with your towel that I dry you off with. Or when we would race for the bed and if you won, you got the premium choice spot on the bed. But if I won, you pretended you couldn’t get up on the bed and I would have to get out of bed and pick you up. So you got the premium choice every night. I got use to it. I miss having you push against me while you slept. I would be on the edge of the bed and you were spread out comfortably. I was so proud that I was able to walk you around anywhere without a leash and you stayed with me no matter what happened. Even when other dogs taunted and barked, you looked at me and gave me a smile that said “I belong with you.” What made you even more special was that you only had three legs. It didn’t stop you from being the fastest dog. You were so competitive and never gave up on anything. While other dogs would tire out, you kept going. That says a lot about your spirit. I miss our 3-hour walks and the new ways you found to get around the neighborhoods. I am glad I let you lead the way on those walks. If I ever wanted to go one way and you another, you gave me the saddest eyes and would look in the direction you wanted to go. How can I ever say no to you. You would kiss every baby you walked by. Or the times when we would be near water, how you would head straight for it to lie in it, knowing I would say no, but your sly look you gave told me you were going to do it anyway–and the sigh of satisfaction you gave once you were in the water told it all, you won. I miss our walks to the yogurt store and to the pet store where you picked out your own toys. I miss bringing you to work every day and you giving kisses to me every chance you could. I miss your smell, I miss your touch. I feel so empty without you. I wish I could have had the tumor instead of you!

I know I will see you again when I pass away. You will guide me in this life and the next, just like you did on our walks. And I will follow.

I love you Charlie.

Yours forever,

Breed: German Shepherd Mix