The Funniest Dog On Television-Stella!

Modern Family Dog
It’s Stella from Modern Family! This little starlet took Modern Family by storm with being the perfect addition during the fourth season of Modern Family. You’re probably thinking “there’s been a dog on Modern Family since season two.” This pooch’s real name is Beatrice and word on the doggie street is that little Beatrice replaced Bridgette the french bull dog from season two and three. Isn’t dog life a B*$#@!

Dog From Modern Family
This is the old Stella, Bridgette. Can you spot the difference? Bridgette definitely had less brown on her face and was more spotty than Beatrice. I personally think Beatrice has been doing great on the show. It’s always hard being the new comer to any situation and especially on such a successful show with such a close cast. Do you think Ed O’Neil likes the new Stella?

Watch Modern Family tonight and judge for yourself.