Pirate Captain Elizabeth Swann,

Dear Lizzie,

We’re so happy to have found the Thundershirt. After lightening hit the house and you were so close to where it zapped the computers, you have been a scared little girl! Every time you panted, shook and whined out hearts broke. We are SO thankful you love to wear the Thundershirt and almost look to us with relief and happiness when we put it on you. (We call it the valium shirt!) Once you wear it, the storms don’t bother you as much and the noises from fireworks seem far away. You’re often so relaxed you sleep through all the excitement and dream of the time when the weather is better! (Poor Captain Jack Sparrow, he’s jealous you have such a special coat!)
Breed: Smooth Fox Terrier

Family Dogs Kept Missing Four-Year-Old Boy Safe

This touching story out of Australia proves that dogs truly are our best friends. A family’s pet dogs helped keep a four-year-old boy with Down syndrome safe and warm while he went missing overnight. Covered in scratches, bruises and dirt, Riley Martin was found yesterday thanks to the barking and dog tracks left by his three pet dogs. The boy was discovered by volunteers who said the barking led them to a dense area of bushland where they ultimately found the child alive faced down on the ground. Police said the boy was checked by paramedics and taken to the hospital as a precaution. Riley’s mother said it was unusual for the dogs - two fox terriers named Nitro and Bruno and a 10-month old kelpie named Missy - to stay out all night and she was hoping they were by his side. After Riley was found, each dog came home on their own one by one. The heroic dogs were thirsty and covered with ticks from their night-long vigil. We are sure Riley’s relieved family is spoiling their dogs with lots of love today.