Dear Teeghan,

A Letter to My Dog

I know you are in your golden years and don’t totally get why we share our home with foster dogs. You’ve never known neglect in your life and I could never imagine anyone ever treating you badly. But there are dogs just like you out there, not born to the same circumstances as you, who deserve a shot at a better life. It is your fault for being an amazing ambassador that I have chosen to share our home with shelter dogs who need a foster home until they find their own forever. You my dear are my forever girl and because of you, so many other dogs have found their way into homes to be someone else’s forever. You are the best. But I still hate it when you steal the covers. Xoxo.

Breed: Shepherd / Bully Mix

Dear Daisy,

A Letter to My Dog

Its been almost 2 weeks since I had to say goodbye to you. It was not easy and I miss you every day.

I remember finding your ‘give away to a good home’ ad in the paper and i was overjoyed when mum and dad said we could meet you. How could anyone give away a little six month puppy. I remember when you would come into my work how much the residents faces would light up and they would talk about you for days. You even did night duty! I dont know many therapy dogs who did night duty, even though I found you sleeping on a resident’s bed one time!

We all loved you, but I know was your favorite. We often would go out for coffee and sit and watch the world go by, content in each others company. You were there for me during my teenage years, saw me grow up and met a few boyfriends. They always had to be approved by you!

I miss our coast days at the beach with my friends and if you were good I’d get you a ice cream on the way home. Your last weekend here we did exactly that.

I miss you every day but know you are in a better place, hopefully keeping an eye on me. Old age is a terrible thing. We will meet again one day and i can’t wait. You were the best dog Daisy!

Lots of Love Megan xoxo

Breed: Bearded Collie

Cats Need Letters Too!


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We are looking for people who adore their cats and want to celebrate them with a love letter.

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Submission Instructions

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Some helpful tips!

  • Your Letter: Please begin by saying, “Dear xxxx” and remember to sign it (Love, Mom or Dad, etc.)
  • Length: under 500 words
  • Photos: submit a few photos of your cat alone without any humans in the photos plus at least one photo of you and your cat
  • Contact Info: Don’t forget to include your full name, phone number, mailing address, email address and website information if you have it