Award Winning Dog Exercise Solution

If you’re too busy to walk your dogs, or simply can’t walk them enough, dogPACER has your solution. From among hundreds of new dog products, a new small dog treadmill called the Minipacer was selected as one of the World Pet Association’s “Best New Dog Products of 2012.” 

The Top Five Ways To Prevent Dog Obesity

Seeing a fat dog may seem funny at first, but it is no laughing matter. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention fifty-three percent of dogs are overweight. That adds up to 41.1 million obese dogs nationwide who are more at risk for health problems, including osteoarthritis and type 2 diabetes. Access to food 24/7 and lack of exercise are a big part of the problem.

The good news is there are FIVE EASY WAYS to prevent dog obesity:
1.) Cut back on the treats – remember that food does not equal love. There are plenty of ways to give your dog attention without food. If you reward your good doggie with food, make sure they get plenty of exercise too.
2.) Avoid giving your dog human food. It may be routine to let your dog eat your table scraps, but those calories can add up fast.
3.) Consult with your veterinarian on the best type of food for your dog and how much they should eat a day. The reality is that many pet owners don’t know how much food they should be feeding their pet. Different dog foods have different calorie counts per serving so it is important to discuss the proper amount of calories your dog should be limited to a day.
4.) Don’t let your dog have free access to food all day. Give your dog their food at specific times as suggested by your vet and use a measuring cup when dishing out the kibble to ensure the proper amount is given.
5.) Always provide plenty of water. A hydrated dog is a healthy dog.

Pet Obesity is getting a lot of press lately as it is becoming more of a problem. Obie, an obese dachshund has been featured on several morning shows and has his own Facebook page dedicated to his mission of losing those unwanted puppy pounds. Tufts University even opened the first Pet Obesity Clinic.

“By employing sound, research-proven methods, Tufts’ Veterinary Obesity Clinic will help owners achieve safe and effective weight loss for their pets,” said Dr. Linder. “While the common perception leans toward overweight pets being happy, research has proven otherwise, and we hope to effect change in the obesity epidemic among companion animals.”

Let’s all make it our mission to make sure our doggies get the proper amount of food and enough exercise!